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Company Overview

In October 2003 East Marble began as a commitment between shareholders who has over 80 years track record in the field of natural stones. Having own quarries and tie-ups with several other quarries our valued customers benefit on time delivery of East Marble quality products. Located in Jebel Ah Free zone, the most dynamic Industrial Area in the region Bass Marble FzEwalued customer can enjoy world-class service, beside fast delivery high quality production and grinding and competitive price can East Marble hb of products. East Marble products consist all types of tiles slab with various finishing as well polished & cutting. East Marble committed to provide you with technologically advance special sized natural stones. With Strategically location in the Middle East and a wide network of partners around the globe, we offer the best possible mix quality products, outstanding customer service and dedicated commitment.



Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision To Future Life …
East Marble Strives to be the best that we can be with a professional option in order to be successful in this business we need to have the drive, determination, and the ability to listen to our clients.

We believe that dynamics are more important than focusing all the attention on the building as a static object:

The dynamics of people, their interaction with the space and environmental condition well, most design briefs include budget limitations, flexible furniture systems, graphic guidelines, brand values, ambitious time plans, watts per square more mere, but to us, the most important is the desire for novelty and creativity.


Safety Policy

The Company has a well-defined safety policy signed by the Managing Director, which has been well circulated to all employee.


The safety plan will be more comprehensive incorporating the risk assessment of all activates involved in that contract, the hazards likely to be faced and the precautions to be taken. All control measures to be followed and all the formats to be used will be a part and parcel of the said safety plan

All the safety plan and procedure obtain in the company in the guideline and supervision of Environments Health & safety department from JAFZA Dubai.

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What We Do?

We Create New classic Challage with new Creativity

classic interior design is derived from Greek and Roman design. This type of interior design is based upon order, balance and perfect harmony. classic design does not include any modern elements or current influences. instead, it is steeped in tradition. Classic colors most of the colors that are used inspired by mother nature. Deep browns, yellows, and gold that give warmth to the surrounded atmosphere. In addition, dark brown can be used to outline important items within a room. Objects such as trope ceiling design with beige, gold, olive and dark brown draws an elegant picture.

Modern Luxury Unique Kitchen Designs

Modern interior design for The kitchens reflects Heart and hearth of a home is the kitchen where many great memories are made with family and friends, so many factors are involved, and many of these factors are unchangeable (i.e electrical code requirements, plumbing code, cabinet sizing, etc.) We are rate as one of the top ten European Kitchen Brands, this 100 plus year old company sets the standard

Classic designs

Most of the colors that are used inspired by mother nature Deep browns, yellows and gold that give warmth to the surrounded atmosphere.

In addition, dark brown can be used to outline important items within a room objects such as trope ceiling design with beige gold alive and dark brown draws can elegant picture realizing the dream for individual and fashionable living space.